Definition: Fucks-Capacitor(TM)

Fucks-Capacitor (FUX-cup-ASS-it-or)- noun. A device that measures the amount of fucks a person has left to give within a set time frame, (usually a day or week) or fucks that a person has left allocated to give a specific person. Once a person’s Fucks-Capacitor(TM) reaches zero, they are no longer able to conform their actions to the guidelines set forth by decent society. Usage: 1. “I was going to keep my heels on, but by the end of the night my Fucks-Capacitor(TM) was on zero, so I walked home barefoot in the snow.” 2. “I wasn’t going to drag her, but she tried me, and my Fucks-Capacitor(TM) was already in the red.”



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