Brawl On The Subway: What Would You Do?

Picture this: you’re on the subway around 5am. Let’s not get caught up in the why. Let’s say, maybe you thought bae was gonna let you spend the night, and you were dead wrong. So you end up on the subway at this God forsaken hour with a bunch of hooligans. One thing leads to another, and a loud verbal altercation starts between a girl and a guy. The girl hits the guy, and the guy strikes back with the most fury we’ve seen since the infamous bus uppercut video from a few years ago. Do you:

A. Jump in to defend the woman, because it is never ok for a man to hit a female.
B. Jump in to defend the man because he was assaulted first.
C. Sip some Kermit tea and say “That’s none of my business.”
D. Whip out your video phone and yell “Worrrrrld Starrrrrr!”

All of the above happened on the F train in a video that was posted to YouTube Saturday morning.
For those wondering, four people were arrested following the fight, one man and three women. The woman who started the physical altercation was charged with felony assault, while the remaining participants were charged with misdemeanors.