In Non-THOT News: George Clooney is Marrying a 36 Year-Old Human Rights Lawyer


Just when you thought that only hoes were winning, here comes this breath of fresh air. The New York Post Reports:

[Amal Alamuddin] landed the Moby Dick of celebrity bachelors, the elusive sparkle-eyed Clooney, 52, a man whose brief marriage (to Talia Balsam) and string of relationships with gorgeous women, many of them actresses or models, made him the talk of the tabloid town, a wild thing who could not be made to settle down… He could have gone on like this indefinitely. Instead, he decided to get engaged to [Alamuddin] , a 36-year-old human rights lawyer who is an adviser to Kofi Annan and a scholar who has co-edited a book called “The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Law and Practice.” Oh, and [she is] fluent in French, Arabic and English, too.

Congratulations to the happy couple. Stay in school, girls!



Saks Shopper Finds Chinese Laborer’s Desperate Plea for Help Tucked Inside Shopping Bag

Stephanie Wilson


Photo Source: Stephanie Wilson via Huffington Post

A woman shopping at the high end Saks Fifth Avenue department store in New York made a chilling discovery when she reached inside her bag to retrieve her receipt. She found a letter from a Cameroonian man who had been locked inside a prison in China and forced to work grueling days in deplorable conditions making shopping bags. The man claimed to have been tortured and mentally abused, and begged for anyone who found the note to contact the United Nations.

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Stop Fat Shaming Your Cat


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The other day while I was watching episodes of A Different World on Hulu, the same commercial kept coming on over and over again. It was a Purina cat food commercial in which the company spent 26 seconds defining the ideal feline body, and encouraging owners to fat shame their cats if they did not live up to that image. Naturally, I was shocked and disturbed by this commercial and its message. Not only did the commercial encourage owners to fat-shame their cats, it even suggested ways to tell if a cat was fat– you know, lest any cats were sneaking through shame-free. The commercial talked about how cats should have an “hourglass shape,” and that their ribs should be apparent during a rub down.

First of all, if you can’t tell your cat is fat, why are you going out of your way to discover that they are? Obviously, you didn’t notice a problem before, and the cat doesn’t give a damn, so why are you so worried about it now? Just because you spend hours looking at yourself naked in the mirror, circling with a Sharpie every thing that you hate about yourself, doesn’t mean that the cat wants any part of your sick, dysfunctional body image ritual. Your cat does not want to do P90x with you, and it does not feel like going to SoulCycle or CrossFit, so stop asking already. Hell, your cat doesn’t even like you. Why would it wake up early on a Saturday morning and go work out with you when you’re the one with the real problem? Given the choice between picking up heavy things and putting them down again, and licking its own private parts, I’m pretty sure the cat is going to choose licking its own private parts every single time. How about you go get some human friends that aren’t counting the days till they get to chew your face off and that don’t have to workout in full body fur?

And another thing, you are a real creep for sweating your cat’s body that hard. Can she live? Stop groping her. Do you know how bored your cat is laying up in the house every single day? Hair in rollers, watching The Maury Show. That’s no life. Do you know how much it sucks to not only have a master, but to be owned by someone that isn’t even your species, doesn’t speak your language, and just does not get you at all? One of the few joys that your cat gets in life is eating, and you want to take away the Fancy Feast and replace it with some disgusting low-fat, low carb pellets? And why? Because you are ashamed to be seen with your cat. Your friends come over, and they talk. They insult your cat right to her face, and you never defend her. They talk about how chubby your cat is, and that makes you feel like while your cat has a great personality, you wonder what it would be like if you had a sexier, skinnier cat that had the hourglass shape they talked about in the commercial.


Because your body is so great, dude? GTFOH! Your cat doesn’t want to look like you. You may be skinny, but your fatass of a cat gets more tail than you do– DESPITE the fact that you were an extreme player-hater and had the vet de-sex the cat. You just could NOT stand to see anyone in the house get more sex than you, huh? You wanted the cat to have no desire, and no choice but to stay layed up in house with you. Well, the cat still gets it in. Let’s just say, they don’t call her “Million Dollar P*ssy” for nothing. So next time you think of buying that disgusting, flavorless cat food, look at your own pathetic life, and think about just why it is that you feel the need to shame and control your feline friend. You Tae-Bo hoe.


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L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Caught on Tape in Racist Rant, Demands That Biracial Girlfriend Shun Blacks and Try to Pass for White

Well, he really stepped in it this time. L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, who allegedly has a history of racist behavior, has been caught on tape in a heated argument with his girlfriend, a Black/Mexican woman. In the recording, he objects to her association with blacks, saying that he would prefer she be seen as a delicate white or hispanic woman. Listen to the entire messy audio here.

Source: TMZ

Your Answered Prayers: Production Begins on Jem and the Holograms Movie




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Your favorite 80’s cartoon is back as a modern movie! According to NY Daily News:

Production on the John M. Chu-directed film is already underway nearly one month after it was first announced that the classic animation series would return on the big screen.

Only major difference from the original storyline and the remake is its modern day appeal.

In the cartoon series, Jem is the alter-ego of music company owner Jerrica Benton. Now, she’ll be an orphaned teenager who becomes a big singer online with her rock group the Holograms.

“[The Jem film is] for a whole new generation with themes of being true to who you are in a multitasking, hyperlinked social media age,” the producers said when the film was first announced, according to E! Online.

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Truly outrageous! But in the words of RuPaul, don’t f*ck this up!


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