In Non-THOT News: George Clooney is Marrying a 36 Year-Old Human Rights Lawyer


Just when you thought that only hoes were winning, here comes this breath of fresh air. The New York Post Reports:

[Amal Alamuddin] landed the Moby Dick of celebrity bachelors, the elusive sparkle-eyed Clooney, 52, a man whose brief marriage (to Talia Balsam) and string of relationships with gorgeous women, many of them actresses or models, made him the talk of the tabloid town, a wild thing who could not be made to settle down… He could have gone on like this indefinitely. Instead, he decided to get engaged to [Alamuddin] , a 36-year-old human rights lawyer who is an adviser to Kofi Annan and a scholar who has co-edited a book called “The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: Law and Practice.” Oh, and [she is] fluent in French, Arabic and English, too.

Congratulations to the happy couple. Stay in school, girls!



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