Fall Fans: Trader Joe’s Has Every Pumpkin Item You Can Think Of

2014-10-01 13.27.44

Photo Credit: Sandra Song; Image Source: Gothamist

You love pumpkin flavor. That sweet, robust flavor is pretty much the only thing that keeps you from diving into the depths of depression as you watch the glorious warmth of summer deteriorate into a frigid cesspool of dirty, yellow-stained snow.  Lucky for you, the folks over at Gothamist have documented, in detail, every pumpkin item for sale at Trader Joe’s, your one stop shop for quirky fall eats. On the list, you will find the classics, like pumpkin pie and actual pumpkins, as well as more questionable picks, like pumpkin yogurt and pumpkin dog treats. Enjoy!

Full Story: http://gothamist.com/2014/10/01/pumpkin_trader_joes.php#photo-1

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