T.I. Swings on Floyd Mayweather, Mayhem Follows

T.I. throws a punch at champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather at Fatburger in Las Vegas, reportedly as a result of Tiny’s “too close” relationship with the fighter. In the clip, Mayweather can be heard yelling, “Control your bitch!” In the process of the fight, chairs were thrown, and at least one person was stabbed. For those unfamiliar with the fight participants, T.I. is 98lbs soaking wet, and Floyd Mayweather gets paid to bash people’s faces in, but occasionally does it for free. Nobody can accuse T.I. of lacking heart.

Source: TMZ

Full story: http://www.tmz.com/2014/05/25/t-i-mayweather-fight-video-vegas-about-tiny-fatburger-wife-stabbing/

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