Jeremy Meeks’ Handsome Face Inspires Rage In Men Across Talented Tenth


For those who may not own a computer, smart phone, or television, last week the internet exploded after a man named Jeremy Meeks was arrested on gun charges and had the nerve to take what is arguably one of the hottest mugshot photos of all time. Women, well aware of the man’s criminal history, as evidenced in part by his teardrop tattoo, chose to state the obvious– “damn, he fine” was essentially the concesus among women, a sentiment that was stated in a multitude of ways, ranging from the sweet to the vulgar.

But while women were having their fun with felon crush friday, staring at his photo, hatching plans to spring him out of lockup, men were seething with rage, none moreso than successful, well educated men who had done everything right and stayed their asses out of jail. They wondered how women could be going so crazy over this criminal. After all, this is why good men don’t stand a chance, women are too busy lusting after thugs. In their rage, they retaliated, posting angry comments on womens’ Facebook walls, and launching a full on assault on Meeks’ sexuality and good looks. They posted pictures of Jeremy Meeks and his brother, swearing that the man was Meeks’ gay lover, and they posted the most terrible photos they could find of the man stating that anyone can take one good photo.

Fellas, fellas, fellas. You have got to chill.

Trust me, I get it. You see this guy, who is by all accounts, a complete degenerate, and he is getting sooo much attention from the ladies. He doesn’t deserve our hearts OR our panties. He is everything our parents warned us about. He is the reason our daddies kept a loaded shotgun, and why were weren’t allowed out at night. No doubt about it, this is the kind of man that would ruin your life.

But what’s that got to do with being fine? We see mugshots all the time in the news. Most of those criminals are world-weary and unattractive. We don’t sweat those criminals. Lock them away so that we never have to see their ugly, law-breaking faces again. Then here comes Jeremy Meeks looking like a shiny new penny, with clear blue eyes, brown skin, and a chiseled jaw, and we can’t help but wonder why and how he ended up as a career criminal instead of as a model or married to some rich cougar.

And women are not alone in appreciating the beauty in someone that may not have much else going for them. Think about all of the dumb celebrities that men fantasize about. In fact, think of all of the dumb girls that you personally took to dinner at Chipotle. Smart girls like Chipotle, too. But you were so mesmerized by looks instead of substance, that you spent that $12 on Tits McGee instead of on Clair Huxtable. Yeah. I invoked Clair Huxtable. Because that is the talented tenth man’s favorite woman next to his mama and Michelle Obama. Clair Huxtable is the woman they say they want, but is she the woman that they bring out the Jergens for? Probably not. Similarly, Jeremy Meeks is not our Cliff or our Barack. He is a pretty fa, and that’s it.

All this is to say, even as “the fairer sex,” women are capable of base emotions, too. It is hypocriptal to get mad at women for daring to express a physical, non-emotional attraction to a man in a photograph. At best, it is silly and jealous, and at worst, it is the same brand of  misogyny that men have historically used to repress women around the world. He’s hot. We said it. Get over it. It’s not like we want to marry him. One reason being because he’s already married, and the whole sister-wives setup is mostly frowned upon in this country. But more important than that is the fact that we are not stupid, and we are not Captain Save-a-Heaux. When most of us think about a person that we seriously want to be with, it is someone who is cute, sure, but also someone that we have things in common with, and who shares our values. Also known as you guys.


And even if smart and talented women choose to take a trophy husbands, chances are they will not choose ones with teardrops tattooed on their faces. You can’t bring that guy to work events, and that questionable ink just might jeopardize your New York Times wedding announcement. Priorities.

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