Which Rappers You Can Beat in a Fight


The good folks over at Grantland have created a helpful, handy chart detailing your likelihood of winning a fight with a number of popular rappers. While we do not condone fighting, this is an entertaining thought exercise, and the chart may prove helpful if you plan on being in Miami over Memorial Day weekend, or in Vegas after a Mayweather or Pacquiao fight. Most rappers have people around them who are way more dangerous than they are. Not necessarily the kind that carry razor blades under their tongues and sharpened toothbrushes in their sleeves, but definitely those who would proudly go to jail to serve their clique. The analysis presented here is focused on the individual rappers, many of which are known to be softer than baby shit. Do you agree with the findings? Click the link to read more about Grantland’s methodology in composing this chart.


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