Feel some type of way?

Oh, your cat died? Your boyfriend cheated, you say? Someone at the office finished the joe without making some more? Or maybe you just witnessed the birth of your first child? How does that make you feel? Some type of way.

Popularized by reality tv, and by the nearly incoherent lyrics of a song by Rich Homie Quan, some type of way is the perfect way to feel. It is the perfect cop out emotion, because it allows us to answer questions about our feelings without actually having to scour the depths of our souls to discover our genuine emotional truths. It serves a dual purpose, because it also allows us to claim that our emotions are being unfairly represented in the event that it is not beneficial for us to feel the type of way that the other person has interpreted us as describing.

However, in a recently uncovered plot, scientists are conspiring to thwart our attempts to stay in a fight/pout/not talk about it/get makeup bags, by inventing 15 new emotions… Because “happy,” “sad,” and “flawless” weren’t enough. According to New York Magazine, “These emotions, labeled ‘compound emotions,’ are combinations of the six basic ones, according to an Ohio State University paper published in PNAS. The researchers liken it to mixing paints: mix red and blue, and you get angrily sad (or purple).”

The whole thing is enough to make you yearn for the days when grunts and gestures were used in place of words. But perhaps Rich Homie Quan is close enough.

source: http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/04/science-has-found-fifteen-new-emotions.html?mid=facebook_thecutblog

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